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Getting Back to the Basics After the holiday season many of us find ourselves thinking about our "new year’s resolution" and how we are going to change our lives for the better. So with this being my first blog of 2019 I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about getting back to the basics. More specifically, focusing on the importance of sleep, regular exercise and healthy eating. Sleep   Sleep hygiene is essential and seems to be sometimes overlooked in our busy Nort...
Posted on 2019-01-18
Achieving Your Personal Goals The New Year is prompting many people to make resolutions. Despite the good intentions to improve their health, many are abandoning their goals very quickly. A 2015 Ipsos survey concluded that 31 of them quit not long after. I want to share with you in this blog a few strategies to help you with your New Year’s resolutions. "INTRINSIC" MOTIVATION The mere fact of wanting a result is superficial, and often insufficient. Everyone may want to quit smoking, l...
Posted on 2019-01-11
Pain Part Two: Non-pharmaceutical Management Strategies for Persistent Pain. If you have missed the first part of my blog on pain, please feel free to read; it will help explain pain and will also provide insight to the information that is to follow. However, a good recap is important for learning, so here are the most important points from part one of my blog on persistent pain!  1. Research shows that pain is purely a perception of the brain. Meaning that the brain receives stimuli...
Posted on 2018-12-28
Falls ... how can we prevent them? Did you know? Every year, between 20 and 30 of hospitalizations for injuries among seniors. In addition, they are the cause of 95.(1) The side effects of some medications can increase the risk of falling by lowering your balance or altering your waking state.  An assessment and modification of your living environment can reduce the chances of falling by 20 (1).  It is also important to have good vision. Make sure you have an eye exam at the reco...
Posted on 2018-12-21
Persistent Pain                            Part 1- What is it?                            Pain. How can one four letter word be so multi-facet and complex? Despite all of the advances in today’s technology and medicine, our society as a whole seems to be struggling with the management of pain now more than ever. This seems to be especially true when i...
Posted on 2018-12-13
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