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Back Pain
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Learn the quickest ways to regain your grip strength. Ebook
Knee Pain
Learn tips to walk or run further for longer with less knee pain. Ebook
Shoulder Pain
Ease shoulder pain and use it with confidence again. Ebook

About Us

The Team

MARCELLE (Administrative Assistant)
Marcelle brings experience and knowledge to the team with payer enquiries and reimbursement after having worked in the insurance industry.

She will happily answer all your questions, including your insurance coverage. Her smile will make you feel at home on your very first visit.

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MELISSA (Office Manager)
Melissa is one of our administrative assistant. She's definitely has the biggest "sweet tooth" of the gang. Always cheerful and giggling, Melissa will make every attempt to make you smile.

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KARINE (Physiotherapist)
Karine is part of our team of physiotherapists. Her knowledge of the human anatomy and technical skills will certainly impress you and help you get back to your normal life much sooner than you would have thought.

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MARCO (Physiotherapist)

Marco is the "old" physiotherapist at the clinic. He loves socializing and laughing. He'll strike up a conversation with anyone at the clinic.

He'll be the first to admit that he's a full time entertainer and part time physiotherapist!

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MIGUEL (Kinesiologist)
Miguel graduated from the Université de Moncton with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology (2018). He worked as a kinesiologist in the Montreal area for several months before deciding to return home. Originally from Madran, he is very active in nature and always ready for anything. Growing up around sports and having played competitively, he is passionate about physical activity and wellness. 

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MEGHAN (Massage Therapist)
Meghan is also part of our massage therapist, enjoys working with people suffering from injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. She has completed lymphatic drainage courses to help people who are suffering from persistent oedema (swelling). 

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SHANIE (Massage Therapist)
Shanie has been an accredited massage therapist since 2015. She worked on her own for a few years. She is now happy to be part of the team at Physio Max. She enjoys interacting and chatting with these clients and learning their daily lives to establish the best possible treatment plan. She completed several training courses such as: massage for pregnant women, cupping, kinesiotaping and treatments for the temporomandibular joint (jaw).

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