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Back Pain
Learn easy ways how to get a stronger back so you can work and play worry-free. Ebook
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Back Pain

FREE REPORT- Learn 5 easy ways to get a healthy and strong back
...Without the need for medication, even if you've been suffering for years or that your doctor told you there's nothing that can be done.


Do you get home from work with a sore back every night? Have a hard time getting out of the lounge chair after watching your favourite evening TV show because of back pain or stiffness?

You wake in the morning thinking today will be a new day. But it’s not. Your back is so stiff; you struggle just to get out of bed. That long, long hot shower is the only way you can loosen your back for another gruelling day at work.

You worry when you get that sharp pain each time you bend over to pick something from the floor.  Your day doesn’t end with your job. House chores and errands are waiting for you, kids need to be taken to their activities, and surely you want to spend some time doing what you love.

You know it’s not normal… it feels hopeless… and you wonder if your back will ever be strong again. 


Your back won't let you live a "normal life"; you keep taking medication, resting more than you should, using hot or cold packs to relieve the pain AND avoid the things you love doing from fear of making the pain worse.

You keep hoping and wishing this is only temporary; days turn into weeks, weeks into months and there's no end in sight. Are you condemned to this life?

The answer is NO!! Many people like you encounter back pain at some point in their lifetime and the majority overcome their back pain with a few simple strategies, treatments, and proper exercises.

Most incidences of back pain are not serious in nature and heal quite well with proper treatments. Prescribed drugs and rest may help with the pain now, but are unlikely to help you feel strong and confident again in doing the things you were able to do before. “Wait and see” approach doesn’t work. We can help you lift, walk, bend, run and sleep better.

At Physio Max, we’ve been helping back pain sufferers for years. Our goal is to help our clients be productive at work AND enjoy life pain-free after work hours.

Our clients are amazed how fast they can get better and regret not having started physiotherapy sooner!

Obviously, we can't guarantee getting rid of your pain completely (no one can!). You may think "pain" is THE problem you want to solve, but in fact it's not. The real reason for your frustration and agony is what pain is stopping you from doing and enjoying.... running, yoga, house chores, gardening, career, driving, or sleeping.

Our plan of care is dedicated entirely in helping you achieve your goals (and hopefully eliminate your pain). This is what we focus on because THIS is what makes the human being happy…fulfillment!

Why wait longer before taking action? Time is not on your side. The sooner you get started with your treatment, the faster you’ll feel great again.

We would like to offer you a FREE REPORT so you can start now on the path to recovery. Simply click on the link below to receive the report in your email inbox.

Call us today to find out how we can help you make the best possible decision for your health. You can reach us at 506-546-6286.

FREE REPORT- Learn 5 easy ways to get a healthy and strong back
...Without the need for medication, even if you've been suffering for years or that your doctor told you there's nothing that can be done.

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