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Elbow Pain

FREE REPORT- 5 simple strategies to treat elbow pain so you can work pain-free, type all day long and not worry about dropping a cup of coffee.
...Without the need of a brace or painkillers.

Worried about dropping a hot cup of coffee again? Feel useless at work when unable to use the keyboard or mouse for more than 5 minutes. Lack of sleep stressing you out? Elbow pain keeping you away from the golf course?

If you have a desk job or do any type of heavy physical labour, chances are you have experienced or are currently suffering from elbow pain. 

Your doctor tells you it's a muscle injury, but you can't recall any trauma to explain why your elbow started to hurt. It even hurts when you don't move. Can it really be a muscle injury when it hurts when you don't move?

You tried a "cortisone injection" with unpredictable results. You even tried wearing a "tennis elbow" brace hoping this is the solution. It gives you some relief, but it hasn't done much in terms of solving your problem. You now depend on it all the time to go on with your life.

You shouldn’t have to rely on an elbow brace to enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning or worry that you might drop something valuable because your elbow pain won’t let you hold on to it.  Getting back the strength in your arm means you get back your freedom and life enjoyment.

In addition to your pain, you start experiencing elbow stiffness. The simple gesture of bringing a utensil to your mouth every time you eat is a constant reminder of your problem.

It can even interfere with your sleep. What's the next option? Pills! This is where clients like you get frustrated and confused. Medication may help immediately after an acute injury to control the pain. You'll feel less pain and notice an improvement in your function. Finally!

You found a cure ... or have you? You become dependent on medication for your work and your responsibilities at home. This is what we call a "Band Aid" treatment.

Many prescribed drugs also cause undesirable side effects that can impact your other bodily functions. You don't need more problems on top of your elbow pain.

Medication gives you relief but it won't solve the problem.

We talk about simple ways your elbow can feel better right in the comfort of your own home without professional help in our FREE REPORT (scroll all the way down).

You have a choice of masking and protecting your elbow, while depending on braces, drugs, injections and activity avoidance OR finding a solution so you can live life to the fullest pain-free.

We help workers between the age of 40 and 55 years old overcome their elbow pain so they can enjoy their life after work pain-free.

The key is to identify the underlying problem and develop a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your goals. Do you want to hold a golf club, do carpentry work, type on a keyboard all day, hold a cup of coffee or simply knit pain-free? We can help you do that.

Have you been diagnosed with TENNIS ELBOW? You've been dealing with elbow pain for several months or even years? Treatments, injections and medications haven't solved your problem? You're still dealing with pain, weak grip, sleepless nights and elbow stiffness? Aren't you fed up with dropping things or struggling with typing at work because of your tennis elbow pain? SHOCKWAVE THERAPY might be your solution. Watch the video below to learn more:

You're not sure if we can help you? That is totally normal if you've never been to see us. We understand. We invite you to give us a call and start the conversation.

We're here to help you find the answers to your questions so you can make the best health decision for yourself. And in the end if we're the right fit for you, that's great! Don't forget ... you have the final say... no strings attached.

What's important is that your elbow feels better. Give us a call at 506-546-6286 and one of our friendly staff members will gladly answer all your questions.

Not ready to commit yet? No worries. You can download our FREE REPORT (below) and get started now on the road to recovery. This might be all you need. You never know!


FREE REPORT- 5 simple strategies to treat elbow pain so you can work pain-free, type all day long and not worry about dropping a cup of coffee.
...Without the need of a brace or painkillers.

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