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If you're in pain and want to feel better, we'd love to talk to you. We work with folks that are looking for a solution to their problem and who are committed to improving their health and quality of life.

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Back Pain
Learn easy ways how to get a stronger back so you can work and play worry-free. Ebook
Elbow Pain
Learn the quickest ways to regain your grip strength. Ebook
Knee Pain
Learn tips to walk or run further for longer with less knee pain. Ebook
Shoulder Pain
Ease shoulder pain and use it with confidence again. Ebook

Occupational Therapy

Do you worry about pain when you sit or stand at work? Do you think your workstation is the cause of your pain? Is your (bad) posture contributing to your pain? Does your home environment place you at risk of injury?

You might benefit from an assessment of your work or home environment to reduce the stress on your body and alleviate the pain, and to make your environment safe.

Annie Robichaud, Occupational Therapist

Annie is a certified occupational therapist. Her job is to ensure you can work or function at home with as little pain as possible in a safe environment.

She will assess your environment based on your pain and physical abilities and make her recommendations on how to improve your environment so you can be happy again at work and independent at home without relying on others for help.

Are you dealing with
chronic and persisting pain that is affecting your roles at home or at work? Do you feel like you letting your loved ones or colleagues down? Is the pain controlling your life instead of you controlling it?

Annie helps chronic pain sufferers like you better manage their pain and gets them to do more at work or at home in a controlled environment.

She will develop a structured schedule and pre-determined tasks to help you feel good about yourself and get some of that quality of life you left behind when the pain became unbearable.

What’s most important is to be productive, happy and enjoy all of what life has to offer.

Please contact one of our team members for more information. We can be reached at 506-546-6286.

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