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Back Pain
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Learn tips to walk or run further for longer with less knee pain. Ebook
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Ease shoulder pain and use it with confidence again. Ebook


Running Injuries

Are you frustrated that your PAIN is stopping you from running? Worried that you may need to quit the sport altogether? Why I am hurting this much simply from running?

You want ... YOU NEED to get out there and run! Running is your favorite sport/hobby. It keeps you in shape, improves your sleep and your mood, and enhances your focus and productivity at work. Simply put, running makes you feel AWESOME!

But now that you're in pain. You can only watch others run instead of being out there yourself. Your running partner can't rely on you anymore.  You really, really, really have to get back on track!

Did you know that up to 80% of runner get injured every year? If that's you right now, you're not alone. The good news is that most injuries treated early on recover quickly with proper treatment and exercises. Sometimes, a brace may be required to get you back in your running gear sooner.

Pain slowly creeps up on you for no apparent reason. The vast majority of injuries are associated with "too"; too fast, too much, too soon. Runners of all caliber must understand than any change must be taken slowly. It takes time for the body to adapt to a new program, new running surface, new shoes, new running technique.

You most likely will require physiotherapy for your injury, but why wait for the pain to appear to seek help? Why not get it right before the pain hits, and minimize the risk of injury so you don't have to take time off from your favorite sport.

We offer to runners a unique service to help them stay on track (no pun intended).  In the first part, we conduct a thorough physical assessment of the runner's body for weakness, stiffness, and poor motor control that could potentially contribute to an eventual injury. A tailored home exercise program will help them improve your body. The second part of the assessment consists of running form (gait) assessment with video footage. The goal is to help the runner improve his or her running efficiency, to run effortless and minime energy expenditure.


The program will serve to:

  • Identify a problem that may be causing pain while running and correct it.
  • Prevent injuries associated with running
  • Avoid recurrence of pain with running
  • Increase the efficiency and performance of the runner
  • Increase your knowledge in the science of running and the running shoe

We understand the importance of proper technique to avoid injuries and run to your full potential.


Are you forced to limit your running, or even worse stop completely because of pain? PLANTAR FASCIITIS or ACHILLES TENDONITIS can be frustrating problems that often seem to last forever.  SHOCKWAVE THERAPY might be the solution to get you back to pain-free running. Watch the video below to learn more.

Since this is a physiotherapy assessment, your insurance should cover (partial or full) reimbursement. You should also ask your insurance if a medical prescription is required




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