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Shoulder Pain

FREE REPORT- Learn 5 natural ways to treat shoulder pain so you can work and play pain-free
...Without the need for an injection or having to see your doctor.

Did you ever think a simple task such as brushing your teeth would become painful? Or that you had to become a contortionist to put your shirt just to avoid that jolt of pain in the shoulder? Or that sleeping on your favorite side would wake you up every time?

Clients usually go through the same thought process, from "it's only an ache, it'll go away" all the way to "I need time off from work because I can't even take care of myself anymore".

You can only dismiss pain for so long before it consumes your thoughts and stops you from enjoying life. The problem is you don't pay attention to that subtle shoulder ache that creeps up on you for no apparent reason or when your shoulder starts making funny noises that sounds like an old broken down car.

But when the pain starts interfering with your life, NOW you look for help. You're desperate and want the problem treated "yesterday": pills, injection, time off work. Unfortunately, by this time, you are unable to do simple things and need to adapt your lifestyle. You can't enjoy a pain-free life any longer.

You're sleep-deprived and can't lift your arm overhead to get dressed or wash yourself. Reaching in the refrigerator for the milk carton is impossible. Your kids still rely on you for many things, for which you now need to apologize to your kids because your shoulder won’t let you be you.

Sound familiar?

You see, most of our clients come to us with severe debilitating pain. It's never too late to get it treated, but the recovery time will be much, much, much longer than if this was treated early on after the first signs.

It’s not your fault. You are being told the problem isn't bad enough to seek treatment and that "time" and "rest" will suffice.

Clients usually respond quickly to treatments when the injury is treated early. You may start feeling pain, clicking noise or notice shoulder stiffness. These are signs and symptoms you should pay attention to.

Clinical experience tells us that people feel better and enjoy a pain-free lifestyle faster when treatments start soon after symptoms appear.

At Physio Max, we assess the entire shoulder complex, neck and upper back since all these areas can contribute to your problem. We develop a plan of care specific to your needs so you can get back to a pain-free life again.

Are you suffering fromTENDONITIS for months, maybe years? Have you been told you have CALCIUM in your shoulder causing you pain, and that you'll need surgery? You tried injections, various types of treatment and medication, but your shoulder pain persists? SHOCKWAVE THERAPY might be your solution! Watch the video below to learn more about Shockwave Therapy.

Imagine how it would feel if you could lift your child or grandchild without the fear of dropping him, or being able to do your grocery and carry the bags without relying on someone else to do it for you?

Don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today. You'll save time, money and frustration by being smart about it. Take care of that shoulder pain before it takes over your life!

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The information will get you feeling better sooner and maybe enough to help you get rid of that shoulder pain. If not, we're here to help you get over that hump.

Let's talk! Tell us what happened to your shoulder and we'll see if we can be the solution to your problem. Give us a call at 506-546-6286.

FREE REPORT- Learn 5 natural ways to treat shoulder pain so you can work and play pain-free
...Without the need for an injection or having to see your doctor.

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